Our Services


Real estate leasing consulting, and tenant representative reflecting market demand analysis and customer needs.

Asset Management

Overall work on maximizing profit for commercial real estate.

Asset Due Diligence

Diagnose risks and conditions by
investigating/analyzing the physical condition of your property.


Operational management consulting for enhancing the value of logistics real estate.

Real Estate Research

In-depth research services provided by commercial real estate professionals.

Acquisition & Disposal

Advising / Acting for buying and selling through valuation based on market environment and financial market.

Real Estate Consulting

Expert consulting on investment and management strategies through information collection and analysis.

Residential Leasing Management

Stable and caring management of residential real estate and its leasing operations.

Development Project
Planning Management

Business property analysis for commercial real estate development and investment, business planning, project management.

Project Construction Management

Commercial real estate remodeling, comprehensive construction management for interior investment.

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