Asset Due Diligence

Service Introduction

Objective analysis and evaluation of the current physical conditions of real estate We help you maintain your property’s asset value by tapping into our years long due diligence know-how. GPMG conducts research and analysis with the participation of experts in each respective work (architectural, installation, electrical, fire service, etc.) of physical conditions of properties of clients’ acquisition/disposition, so that we provide diagnosis of the risks and operation status that the concerned property carries and come up with plans and cost budgeting for future repairs, which will help clients establish the bases for their investment.

Main Services

Architectural Analysis

Analysis and status check up of a construction.

Cost Estimation

Estimation of future capital and revenue expenditures. (thermal camera and other)

Professional Machinery

A variety of machines and equipment for close examination of a variety of buildings.

Installation Check Up

Machinery, electrical, installation, fire installation, aging and operation check up.

Professionals Employed

Professionals with due technical accreditation in architecture, electrical, installation, fire service, safety.

Due Diligence

Office, logistics, retail, hotel, residential.

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