Logistics Consulting

Service Introduction

Representation Service

We provide comprehensive market data in market conditions, vacancy status, running rents of a target area through our regular market research and publication of logistics reports and will provide fast service to secure the most optimal conditions for a space of client's need.

Representation Service

We will seek the most optimal tenants that meet a client's needs via our rich experiences and industry-wide networks, develop potential tenants, negotiate the intent of leasing and contract terms and conditions and offer satisfying contract representation service for all parties involved.

Acquisition & Disposal
Representation Service

We objectively assess asset value through our valuation techniques that incorporates real estate market environment and financing elements. We will systematically manage overall processes of acquisition & disposal of real estate properties and provide the most optimal service for real estate transactions.

Main Service


Leasing market analysis, layout establishment, contract management (new, relocation, extension, termination), securing bonds, collateral evaluation, physical restoration, tenant satisfaction survey.

Acquisition & Disposal
Representation Service

Improves building environment and
tenant satisfaction level through regular
tenant interviews.

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