Real Estate Consulting

Service Introduction

In 2017, GPMG Research Team expanded its areas of business into market consulting. We are well prepared to execute preliminary market consulting service for investors who want acquisition/disposal, leasing, redevelopment/reconstruction project planing or investment. Inside Research Team, there are six members with three researchers with master’s or doctor’s degrees, two consultants including a certified appraiser and one database manager. Research Team will continue our research into diverse needs of clients in various fields of the commercial real estate market and make our best effort to grow into a representative organization in the local commercial real estate research practice by our research service and business development.

Main Service

Asset Optimization

Assessment of profitability enhancement schemes through analysis of the location environment of the concerned property and the market environment.

Competitive Analysis

Selecting similar real estate in the area and comparing and analyzing.

Market Analysis

Research and analysis of office market, indirect market investment trends.

Financial Consulting

Investment return analysis through latest financial techniques and estimation of optimal rent and management fees.

Investment Strategy & Operation Planning

Establishment of market strategies through selection of development concepts and project feasibility analysis.

Inquire for Business

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