Value Added Consulting

Service Introduction

We provide value-added consulting services that are condensed with GPMG’s know-how to improve the value of client’s assets.In addition to asset due diligence for the target objects in the stage of acquisition and disposition, we provide proposal what we orchestrated relevant parties together such as research, architecture, design, planning, facilities, digital marketing, construction management , and leasing. In the asset management and operation phase, we provide value engineering services to support leasing marketing materials that match the characteristics of the goods and to increase management efficiency in order to continuously improve the value of the objects. Value-added consulting services, from remodeling strategy to balance analysis to lease planning, support your company’s successful real estate investment.

Key Features

Business Area

Re-modelling, and new construction for large-scale office building, complex retail mall, rental housing, etc.

Various & Experienced Technical Resource Pool

Construction, architects, judges, attorneys, certified real estate agents, planning and marketing, design, safety, electrical equipment, investment advisory technical personnel.

Main Service

Market Research

Analyzing the location of target objects, analyzing demand and competition, and analyzing the status of target objects.

Leasing Advisory

Consultation of Leasing Management team for successful leasing of the item.

Laws & Regulation Review

Review of building regulations such as the area that can be expanded.

Construction Design Management

Supporting selection of designers and reviewing appropriateness of basic design.

Strategic Planning

Architectural planning and marketing planning to enhance the value of the target objects.

Construction Project Management

Support for selection of construction company and confirmation of construction, electricity, equipment, construction quality.

Investment Advisory

Analysis of value-added strategy for target object.

Inquire for Business

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